Below, we enclose list of Confirmed Speakers with tentative titles of their presentations:

  • Prof. Bezhan Chankvetadze, Recent developments in HPLC separation of enantiomers with polysaccharide-based chiral columns
  • Prof. Riccardo Leardi
  • Dr. Joaquim Jaumot
  • Prof. Michał Markuszewski, Analytical methods development and validation towards application to biological and clinical samples in metabolomics
  • Dr.Sc. Paweł Wiczling, Analyzing chromatographic data using Bayesian multilevel modeling
  • Dr.Sc. Dariusz Zuba, Chromatographic techniques in forensic toxicology
  • Dr. Izabella Surowiec, Application of chemometrics in the metabolomics pipeline
  • Dr. Karolina Jagiełło, Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship – useful tool to predict the chromatographic characteristics

Please be aware that the above list of Confirmed Speakers is not completed yet.