The 41st Symposium Chromatographic Methods of Investigating Organic Compounds

After the successful 40th Symposium Chromatographic Methods of Investigating Organic Compounds, the Organizing Committee of the 41st Symposium is pleased to you invite you to Szczyrk, Poland (June 19th-22nd, 2018), Meta hotel.

Following the long-standing tradition of the 40 preceding meetings, the emphasis will be on the new developments and interesting applications of chromatographic methods in different disciplines of science, including the -omic sciences, pharmacology, medicine, toxicology, forensics, food chemistry, biology, environmental sciences, etc. Within the framework of a discussion panel, we will discuss effective methods for teaching chromatography and the related techniques. We hope to provide you with an inspiring interdisciplinary scientific program, offer internationally recognized invited speakers, and guarantee an appealing international and interdisciplinary environment that will stimulate the exchange of ideas and encourage collaboration among the participants. We encourage you to freely browse the content of the Symposium website.

Your active participation and valuable contributions are greatly appreciated.

We wish you a warm welcome to Szczyrk!