Participants are invited to submit manuscripts based on their oral or poster presentations for possible publication in CHROMATOGRAPHIA, with the intention of including them in a Topical Collection devoted to the 42nd Symposium. Manuscripts will be subject to a regular refereeing procedure. Please consult the journal’s homepage for more details.

Manuscripts are to be delivered electronically not later than December 31, 2019, via the journal’s online submission and reviewing system which is accessible at

About Chromatographia Journal

CHROMATOGRAPHIA is a peer-reviewed international journal dedicated to the latest advances in separation sciences. Its goal is to monitor state-of-the-art research and to promote study, research and improvement within its various application areas, including archaeology, biotechnology, clinical, environmental, food, medical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, polymer and biopolymer research, as well as preparative and process-scale applications. The journal focuses on papers that show the scope and power of separation sciences when combined with spectroscopic methods, in particular with mass spectrometry. In addition to exciting new areas in chromatography, such as ultra-high pressure and high-temperature approaches, CHROMATOGRAHIA focuses on hyphenated systems that combine several unit operations with chromatography and electro-based separations, especially on the micro- and nanoscale. Integrated biological procedures (e.g., enzymatic, immunological, receptor-based assays) can also be part of the overall analytical process. Developments in separation-related sampling and sampling-preparation approaches, and in particular the combination of these techniques with the above methodologies, are also comprehensively covered.

CHROMATOGRAPHIA welcomes submissions that present significant scientific advances in any of these fields. Originality, novelty and scientific potential impact are the key criteria of the Editorial Board for selecting publications appropriate for CHROMATOGRAPHIA. Submission of papers describing the application of simple methodologies, established methods or techniques to individual compounds, simple mixtures or matrices is discouraged.

Acceptable paper types include Original Articles, Short Communications, Reviews and Letters to the Editor.